Those from among you shall build the old waste places; You shall raise up the foundations of many generations; And you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach, The Restorer of Streets to Dwell in.

Isaiah 58:12 

Pastor & Brenda Hogan

Senior Pastors

Robert and Brenda have been the Pastors at Spring First Church since 1982. They have launched countless leaders into their calling. They have a huge heart for people and helping them follow God'd plan for their life. 


Pastor Hogan has a true pastor's heart and Brenda is a gifted teacher. They serve as a model for these ministry giftings, and are the backbone of integrity for Spring First Church and SSM.

Pastor Robert and Brenda have been married 49 wonderful years, have 2 children and and 4 grandchildren. 

David & Amy Hogan

SSM Founders and Pastors

David and Amy Hogan established Spring School of Ministry based on a prophetic word in 2017. They also created Worldwide Impact, a ministry dedicated to spread the gospel through media broadcasts and evangelism crusades around the world. David is passionate about raising up the next generation of revivalists and driving our generation towards dominating faith.

Pastor David has been in ministry since 1998 and is currently the Executive Pastor at Spring First Church. Amy is the Director of SSM, as well as the  Ministry Coordinator for Worldwide Impact.  

Pastor David and Amy have been married since 2015 and have two beautiful daughters.

Kendall & Nancy Crisp

Dean of Students

Since joining Spring First Church in 1997, Kendall and Nancy Crisp have become a prophetic voice and lead a dedicated team of intercessors. Kendall also serves on the Spring First Church board. 

As a spiritual father and mother to many, they have a heart to see students grow and develop their gifts to each of their maximum potential. 


After 37 years of marriage, Kendall and Nancy have two kids and 3 precious grandkids. In their spare time, they enjoy traveling and are a complete team in every way. 

Noemi Royer

Worship Leader

Noemi and her family began attending Spring First Church in the fall of 2013. Raised as a preacher's kid, she has served in ministry her whole life. She is currently the Worship Leader for both SSM and Spring First Church and the church Youth Pastor. She has a passion for all things music related, as well as the prophetic. She loves to see individuals enter into a new level of understanding of God's word and begin to move in their own prophetic gifting. She also is the producer for the Worldwide Impact daily broadcasts. 

In her spare time, she enjoys writing worship music, vacationing and spending time with her husband, Burk, of 20 years and their 4 handsome boys. 

Dianne Brown

Student Overseer

Dianne and her family came to Spring First Church 33 years ago and have been a consistent pillar of faith. She is a prophetic voice in the church and school, and is part of the intercessory team. She is an anointed Bible teacher and mentor. 

Her and her husband Bud have witnessed God's miracle working power throughout their lives through physical healing, finances and their own personal transformations. 

Dianne and Bud have been married for 12 years and together have 5 children and 9 sweet grandchildren. 

Susan Steele

Impact Group Leader

Susan and her husband Tommy have attended Spring First Church since 2002. 

Tommy serves as the church Audio Engineer and Susan is the Women's Ministry Leader and piano player. She is an ordained, prophetic leader and spiritual mother to all those she encounters. She has a heart to see students come to know the Father's love and is a powerful teacher. 

Together Tommy and Susan are a power team that knows no limits when it comes to the move of God. They have participated in multiple missions trips, conferences, and outreaches to ensure the gospel is continually being told.   

They have been married for 39 years and have 3 children and 3 beautiful grandchildren.

Martin & Jeanette Sosa

Impact Group Leaders

Martin and Jeanette came to Spring First Church 3 years ago and have had a servants heart from the beginning. They are active youth sponsors as well as volunteers for the church cafe, media crew, nursery, and any other area when needed. They are a blessing to all those they encounter. 

Together they have witnessed God's miracles through their own lives as well as their children's lives. They are bold faith believers and understand how to get to the next level. 

Martin and Jeanette have been married for 14 years and together have 3 awesome children. 

Traci Jantzen

Impact Group Leader

Traci and her husband Chris joined Spring First Church in 2018. She is a dedicated intercessor and is sensitive to the move of the Holy Spirit. 

Traci is a passionate teacher who understands the importance of bold faith. She carries the love of God wherever she goes and shares the gospel with those she encounters. She has witnessed God's healing power in her own family's lives and is hungry to see the list of miracles continue to grow.

They have been married for 17 years and have 2 children and 2 beautiful grandbabies

Moises Garcia

Impact Group Leader

Moises and his family first came to Spring First Church 2 years ago and have been a constant source of revelation of God's Word. The Garcia family volunteers anytime there is a need from media crew, to nursery, or youth among other areas.

Moises is a great prophetic voice for those around him. His hunger to know God more continues to drive Him deeper and further into God's Word. 

Moises and Melissa have been married for 10 years and together have 6 amazing children.  


Summer Dickson

Impact Group Leader

Summer grew up at Spring First Church since coming with her family at age 12. She is one of the Women's Ministry leaders and also serves as an audio engineer. 

Summer has a passion for serving the Lord with excellence and strives for only the best in everything she does. Her sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and organization skills make her an outstanding leader. 

Summer graduated from A&M as an engineer in 2012. She and her husband Ryan have been married for 7 years and soon shall have lot of children.